From the roaring crowd to squeaking sneakers on the hardwood, high school boys basketball is a beloved American pastime.

The sport’s school roots date back to its 19th-century beginnings. After all, James Naismith invented basketball as a physical education activity. The concept of a state championship for high school basketball soon followed. Illinois, for example, held a state championship as early as 1908. Other states with early high school basketball championships include Indiana (first championship in 1911) and Wisconsin (1916).

Now, the sport is etched into the ethos of the American high school. Over half a million boys play on their high school basketball team, according to 2021-22 school year data compiled by the National Federation of State High School Associations. That figure represents over 18,000 teams competing across all 50 states, grinding out games in high school gyms on dark winter nights.

But when not every team plays one another, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Luckily, the data-driven nature of sports means there are plenty of avenues for rating and ranking basketball teams.

Stacker compiled boys high school basketball rankings in Rhode Island using MaxPreps. MaxPreps’ rankings factor in win-loss record, win quality, and strength of schedule. Read on through to find out the best boys basketball schools in Rhode Island.


Division 2

1. Johnston: 19-5 (14-1 in Division 2), 12.3 rating
2. Middletown: 19-7 (13-5 in Division 2), 9.7 rating
3. St. Raphael Academy (Pawtucket): 20-8 (14-4 in Division 2), 7.3 rating
4. Lincoln: 16-6 (13-3 in Division 2), 6.6 rating, 3 straight losses
5. Shea (Pawtucket): 17-6 (14-3 in Division 2), 6.3 rating


Division 3

1. North Smithfield: 20-5 (17-1 in Division 3), 3.4 rating, 2 straight losses
2. North Providence: 15-8 (9-5 in Division 3), 0.9 rating, 3 straight wins
3. Moses Brown (Providence): 16-4 (14-3 in Division 3), 0.0 rating
4. West Warwick: 18-7 (15-3 in Division 3), 0.0 rating, 2 straight losses
5. Blackstone Valley Prep (Cumberland): 15-6 (13-4 in Division 3), -0.9 rating


Division State

1. La Salle Academy (Providence): 29-2 (17-1 in State Championship), 24.9 rating
2. Bishop Hendricken (Warwick): 26-4 (17-1 in State Championship), 24.7 rating, 4 straight wins
3. East Providence: 14-8 (10-6 in State Championship), 13.4 rating
4. Barrington: 19-9 (14-5 in State Championship), 12.8 rating
5. Central (Providence): 15-8 (13-5 in State Championship), 10.2 rating, 3 straight losses

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