Artwork from the exhibit. Photo Credit: Jamestown Arts Center

On Thursday, March 2, the Jamestown Arts Center will host a free panel discussion with current exhibit artists and curators to discuss the exhibit’s theme, Outsider Art: Harnessing Color, currently available to view through April 1. 

The exhibit celebrates creating without limitation and builds upon the term Outsider Art, which notably refers to a diverse group of artists who are often denied opportunity. The exhibit, which brings together an array of self-taught artists from six East Coast studios, seeks to expand the range of outsider artists, particularly those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Many of the exhibit artists will participate in the panel discussion and communicate with the audience through artistic expression. 

Tim Gavalakis with Kim Pinksaw at Out of the Box Studio 

Artist and outsider art enthusiast Kim Pinksaw will lead the panel. A certified vocational rehabilitation counselor at the Office of Rehabilitation Services in Rhode Island, Pinksaw is founder of Jamestown’s Out of the Box Studio and a passionate advocate for artists with disabilities. Kim offers, “The intent is to bring more awareness to the community about artists with disabilities and their creative process.”

Kim adds, “This diverse panel of outsider artists, with support from the show’s curators and participating arts program directors, will share how ‘shaping collective intentions’ created a show that truly celebrates color, collaboration, and community. As a group, we will discuss our relationships with color and its important feature in providing artists with voices to communicate their own stories and connect with others.” 

“As artists, color is a primary choice. It helps us render the world as we see it, stitching and blending our unique perspectives and emotional reactions into the art we make. Hues, tones, tints, shades, values, saturation, and temperature evoke feelings, create meaning, and stimulate familiar associations in our minds. We all have a relationship with color.”

Panel participants: 

Casey Weibust : Director of Out of the Box Studio (OOTB)

Tim Gavalakis : Artist from OOTB

Suzanne Maccarone : Artist from OOTB

Nick Shapin : Community Artist associated with OOTB

Melissa Seitz : Director of Downtown Designs

Natasha Colón : Artist from Downtown Designs

Kelsey Kriner : Artist from Downtown Designs

Vince Ruvolo : Director of Studio 57

Elena Schweizer  : Artist from Studio 57

Lily Marino : Artist from Studio 57

Earl Black : Artist from Spindleworks (on zoom LIVE) 

Barbara Wellborn : Artist from Spindleworks (on zoom LIVE) 

Toni Carroll : Mentor from Spindleworks (on zoom LIVE) 

Shannon Casey : Director of Artist Exchange

Vanessa Rundlett : Assistant Director from Artist Exchange

Emily Norklun : Artist from Artist Exchange 

Representative from Center for Creative Works (on zoom LIVE) 

Outsider Art: Harnessing Color will be on view through April 1, 2023 and is free and open to the public. Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11am – 3pm. Facilities are accessible.  

The JAC will also host two free workshops in conjunction with the exhibit. Weaving and printmaking workshops are slated for Saturdays, February 11th and March 4th from 12-3pm. Additional information is available here.