Teddy Thompson (Photo: Jack Casey)

Singer-Songwriter Teddy Thompson made an appearance at the LaFarge Arts Center, also known as the Newport Congregational Church, in a show sponsored by Newport Live, formerly Common Fence Music on February 24. As is known to happen in churches that are approaching 275 years, the heating system acted up before the program but was functioning well by show time. Thompson made a few references to the cold but it was never evident in his set. His guitar stylings are impeccable and his choice of chords is rare and unpredictable as well as inviting and comforting.

At one point, Thompson sang in a clear tenor sometimes reaching with beautiful falsetto notes that only the neighborhood dogs could hear. Thompson showed his sense of humor when admonishing a guest for coughing while in fact, he had forgotten the next verse and used the cough to cover. He fully admitted the ploy and then carried on beautifully.

The space was filled to near capacity and the guests afforded Thompson warm rounds of applause and invited him back for an encore. While hailing from British musical royalty (Richard & Linda Thompson), he brings his own sound and writing talents which have brought him “one hit” in Britain to date. Teddy Thompson is one to keep an eye on – put him on your calendar when he returns to the area.

Check out some photos of the show in the gallery from WUN contributor Jack Casey below.