Looking for a new adventure buddy? Meet Ernie Boch Jr., a one-year-old mixed-breed medium-sized dog available for adoption at the Potter League for Animals in Middletown. Ernie loves to play tug-o-war, fetch, and explore the outdoors on sniffaris. He’s also a smart and eager-to-please pup who would enjoy living with another playful dog.

Here’s what else Potter League for Animals had to say about Ernie Boch Jr.;

“Where can you get a certified pre-owned one-year-old mixed-breed cutie of a dog? Come on down and meet Ernie Boch Jr. at the Potter League!

This medium-sized ball of entertainment is full of zest and love for life. Ernie Boch Jr. enjoys playing tug-o-war, fetch, getting neck scratches, sniffing around for critters, and chewing on sticks! Ernie is smart and very eager to please. He would love to find himself a home with someone who loves the great outdoors, adventure, and sniffaris. Ernie would also enjoy living with another playful dog buddy.

Ready for an adventure buddy? Ernie Boch Jr. is your dude! To learn more about Ernie or if you are interested in meeting him, please email our Behavior Services Manager, Paul Nadeau, at pnadeau@potterleague.org.”

To learn more about Ernie and potentially meet him, email the Potter League’s Behavior Services Manager at pnadeau@potterleague.org or call (401) 846-8276.

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