Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee Chairwoman Dawn Euer traveled to Washington, D.C., this week at the invitation of the White House to discuss state legislators’ environmental priorities.

The discussion, held on Tuesday and Wednesday, was part of a series of meetings between state legislative leaders and administration officials on major issues and goals of state legislatures as their 2023 sessions begin.

Chairwoman Euer was one of nine selected leaders from across the country who discussed their environmental priorities with administration officials in a discussion titled “Building a Cleaner, More Sustainable America: Climate, Infrastructure, Environmental Justice.”

“Rhode Island has made huge strides in the last couple of years laying the groundwork to address the factors contributing to climate change and environmental degradation. We’ve committed to the work of creating a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 through the Act on Climate, required 100% of our electricity to be offset by renewable energy by 2033, and paved the way for a significant expansion of offshore wind, among many other initiatives,” said Senator Euer (D-Dist. 13, Newport, Jamestown) in a statement provided to What’sUpNewp.

“But there’s a lot of work ahead of us implementing the changes we need, and as the Ocean State, our future is absolutely dependent upon global cooperation and success in efforts to slow climate change and rising sea levels. It’s very encouraging that this administration understands the urgency of addressing these matters and working cooperatively with us at the state level to advance environmental protection. This is exactly the type of planning and collaboration necessary to get our nation closer to the cleaner, sustainable and more robust future we need,” Euer said.

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