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To the Editor:

Truth – Courage – Action

I confess to a longstanding frustration that began in 2014 after the failure of the first attempt at school regionalization which began in 2011. 

After 51 years of dedication to the education of students at all levels – with a high concentration on promoting personal and individual responsibility – I am out of patience with the dissembling and excuses from the adults who should know better and should be exemplifying those qualities.  

I have heard all kinds of pretexts and accusations about the recent regionalization proposal, ranging from the first, which was related to its being all about the money, to the fact that unification was not included in the ballot question, and then that there was no specific plan for improving educational opportunities. All that – when it was really about payback for previous rejections. Grow up!

So, now, are we doing anything different? Or are we just conforming to the previous misguided interpretations and expectations? 

Newport is still talking about cutting programs – most notably and outrageously the career programs – in  order to complete the construction of the new Rogers High School – and Middletown is regrouping to replace only its secondary schools, while it elementary schools continue to deteriorate. 

So now it really is “all about the money” and not about education and the kids! Shame on you!

If you really cared about doing the right thing, you would all put aside your personal angst and work towards a positive solution for the students, rather than allowing another generation of kids to suffer the consequences while waiting for the adults to set a good example.
Barbara. A. VonVillas