The Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District (ERICD) is excited to announce a $15,000 grant for general operating support from the Gruben Charitable Foundation. This grant will support ongoing efforts for ERICD’s mission to “promote and improve long-lasting and environmentally-friendly practices that protect natural resources such as soil, water, and air.”

Among other projects, this grant will support ERICD’s Earth Month programming. For the past few years, ERICD has grown its efforts around Earth Day into an entire month of programming each April. Planning for Earth Month 2023 is already in the works, with plans for a third annual seedling sale, rain barrel workshops, plogging (jogging while picking up trash), among other events.

ERICD District Manager, Sara Churgin, said, “Thank you so much to the Gruben Charitable Foundation for this vote of confidence in ERICD. This funding presents a fantastic opportunity to extend our reach and partner with other community organizations. We look forward to partnering again this year with Aquidneck Island Earth Week to combine efforts with the common goal of bringing people together to protect our fragile ecosystem.”

Through its events in April 2022, ERICD installed 50 rain barrels (which divert polluted rainwater from the watershed), sold 1,400 seedlings (which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), and picked up over 260 pounds of trash.

ERICD Board Member and site host for Earth Month events, Nancy Parker Wilson, said, “It is critical to maintain a positive approach to tackling the impact of climate change. We must move forward with every step and we are fortunate that our legislators are forward thinking and also reflect the beliefs of their constituents. ERICD works every day to educate and empower the public to incorporate green practices in their lives.”

The mission of the Gruben Charitable Foundation is “to preserve, protect, and improve the health and welfare of Rhode Islanders and the places in which they live.”

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