What’sUpNewp columnist Jay Flanders cooked up a variety of delicious dishes in his Tiny Kitchen Magic series in 2022.

On November 7, Flanders braised chicken in beer, creating a flavorful and tender meal. In October, he served up salmon burgers, a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional beef burgers.

September’s Tiny Kitchen Magic featured a roasted beet and goat cheese salad, a colorful and nutritious dish. In July, Flanders whipped up a refreshing fennel and apple salad.

May’s column featured a honey Dijon herbed pork dish, a sweet and savory meal that was a hit with readers. In April, Flanders cooked up a root vegetable hash, a hearty and flavorful dish that was perfect for the colder weather.

In March, Jay taught us the way with his Thai-inspired Peanut Chicken. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, Flanders treated his readers to a delicious shrimp scampi(ish) dish in February.

Overall, Flanders’ Tiny Kitchen Magic column has provided readers with a wide range of tasty and creative dishes to try in their own kitchens.

Tiny Kitchen Magic: Beef Stew

Finally, as promised, it is time to make beef stew.  This is a variation of a recipe my mother gave me, which itself is quite delicious.

Tiny Kitchen Magic: Fennel and Apple Salad

Sometimes, you just want a nice light and refreshing salad to go with that meal you’ve been cooking over a hot stove in the sweltering heat. 

Tiny Kitchen Magic: Root Vegetable Hash

While this hash is delicious by itself, it goes better when paired with other food.   It would also be fantastic with some sunny side-up eggs on top.

Tiny Kitchen Magic: Shrimp Scampi(ish)

This week, I’m going to show you my take on shrimp scampi. It’s got an interesting ingredient and a step that you don’t normally se

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