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With the November 8th election around the corner, I’ve been educating myself on local issues. I recently learned about the proposal for regionalization (Question 5), which actually translates to having separate schools in Newport and Middletown. This makes no sense to me. The way the question is written seems misleading. How is this a regional district? How will this benefit the students of Newport and Middletown? How will our schools improve by merely sharing administration offices? 

It seems there is a lack of both educational planning and clarity about definitive benefits. As responsible adults who care about our community, we owe it to our young people to ensure they have more opportunities and better facilities – and that taxpayers get all the information. After all, this will impact our school system for decades.  

I feel strongly that we need to take the appropriate time and effort to get this right instead of rushing this through. I have been a resident of Newport for 7+ years, and a property owner for 2.5 years, and hope to start a family soon. I have too many questions to feel comfortable supporting this proposal, so I’ll be voting to reject Question 5 and hope others join me.

Katie MacKay O’Brien, Newport resident

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