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Students and Taxes. Middletown and Newport students and citizens are on the verge of a historical  change that can only benefit students’ educational experiences and provide tax relief that taxpayers can  only dream about. I urge the adults to support these bond referendums in both of our communities on  Tuesday, November 8th; our children already do. When these bonds pass, Newport and Middletown will be leaders and set the example for education in Rhode Island. 

Students and Taxes. Please educate yourselves on the facts of this proposal – your best resource is this  webpage – https://middletown-newport.us/ – you will quickly see that the benefits far outweigh any  adverse outcomes, and this website has all the facts. Vote to support our students by providing the  opportunities that many of us never had and for tax relief that all of us need and will never see again. 

Students and Taxes. Unfortunately, this is about power and control for certain misinformed people and  groups. This vocal minority has engaged in disingenuous activity and trivial dialogue with inaccurate statements, attempting to confuse and distract us from making the responsible and most obvious choice  to vote to approve these bonds. It has become increasingly clear that these people are arguing to keep  power and control with little regard for Students and Taxpayers. 

Students and Taxes. Do we have all the answers to the questions that some have asked? No. Do we ever  or will we ever have all the answers in any given year? No. By all accounts, the passage of these bonds  will improve education and provide historic tax relief in both communities. 

Students and Taxes. I am a native Newporter and a resident and taxpayer in Middletown. I attended  schools in both communities. My children attended Middletown schools, and currently, my  grandchildren attend Middletown schools. Some of my closest friends, my children’s and grandchildren’s  friends, live in Newport. We have lived, worked, and played together for many years. Let’s make it even  better for both communities, Students and Taxpayers alike. 

Students and Taxes. I urge my friends in both communities: Do not let the power and control narrative  confuse and distract you from this historic opportunity. Middletown and Newport together will NEVER  have these opportunities again. Fact. As you step into the voting booth, I challenge all of us to consider,  as my friend from Newport asks, “what is the cost of doing nothing?” Newport and Middletown citizens: Vote together to approve these bonds for historic tax relief and to provide historic educational  experiences for our Students. 

Bill Nash, Middletown resident

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