Picture of Campers at Blithewold. Photo Credit: The Greenlove Foundation

Blithewold Mansion & Gardens is getting more green!   Greenlove is thrilled to announce its 25th water bottle filling station (“WBFS”) donation to the magnificent Blithewold Mansion and Gardens in Bristol, RI, to reduce the negative impact of single-use plastic on the environment.

Greenlove is honored to join Blithewold in its green journey. Blithewold, known nationally for its well-preserved historic mansion, and lovely unique gardens, also has a history of being a steward of our environment and continues to be.  One of Blithewold’s new green initiatives is to reduce plastic and waste.  As a result of Greenlove’s donation, Blithewold has ceased selling single-use plastic water bottles in the Visitor’s Center, eliminating cups and single-use water bottles and reducing waste. In addition, reusable water bottles with Greenlove’s logo will be available next year.  

This past summer, Blithewold’s Camp Sequoia campers, and visitors enjoyed the brand-new water bottle filling station granted by Greenlove. The summer campers used the station daily to fill up their reusable water bottles, almost eliminating single-use bottles from Camp Sequoia, reported Ms. Liz Ripley, the Administrative Assistant at Blithewold.

In addition, the young campers learned about the importance of recycling and how environmental pollution can affect our oceans and shorelines.  For example, while doing beach clean-up on Narragansett Bay, “the campers learned about the pollutants that we need to protect our oceans from (like single water bottles and other plastics),” stated Ms. Ripley.

See Camp Sequoia campers in action while learning about protecting our environment and the work of Greenlove.

The Greenlove Foundation, founded in memory of Kendra L. Bowers, aims to educate and inspire people to change their habits to benefit the environment by donating water bottle filling stations to schools, recreational organizations, and parks.   Greenlove water bottle filling stations have saved over 1,000,000 bottles from waste.

For more information, visit Greenlove at www.greenlovefoundation.org or their Facebook or Instagram page.

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