Thom Yorke of The Smile (Photo: Gary Alpert)

The Smile made their American debut at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The Vets) in Providence Monday, November 14 before a sold-out crowd of over 2000 fans.

For those not in the know, The Smile are an English rock band made up of Radiohead members Thom Yorke on vocals, guitar, and keys, and Jonny Greenwood on bass, guitar, and keys along with drummer Tom Skinner (not a member of Radiohead). The band is touring in support of their May 2022 debut album A Light For Attracting Attention.

Fans were on their feet from the moment the band walked on stage. They rocked out to an 18-song performance lasting almost two hours. Fans left happy and fulfilled with many talking about seeing The Smile’s next performance Wednesday at the Roadrunner in Boston.

Check out some photos of the show from WUN contributor Gary Alpert.


1) Pana-Vision

2) Thin Thing

3) The Opposite

4) It/Flangers

5)Speech Bubbles

6) Free in the Knowledge

7) A Hairdryer

8) Waving a White Flag

9) Colours Fly

10) We Don’t Know What Tomorrow Brings

11) Skirting on the Surface

12) Just Eyes and Mouth

13) Bodies Laughing

14) The Smoke

15) You Will Never Work in Television Again


16) The Same

17) Bending Hectic

18) Feeling Pulled Apart by Horse

Gary Alpert

Gary Alpert is a contributor and photographer for What's Up Newp.

Having been diagnosed with a profound hearing loss at the age of 2, Gary has have always witnessed the world around him with a heightened sense of sight. While hearing aids offer him a world with sound, he continues to experience the world with a visual edge. With a camera in hand, he hopes to show you what he sees.