Baxter. Photo Credit: Potter League for Animals

Meet your new best friend, Baxter– this week’s Adoptable Dog of the Week!

The Potter League for Animals shares on their website that Baxter is a 3-year-old male Bulldog, English.

Baxter is considered a medium-sized dog, weighing between 20 – 59 pounds.

Here’s what else Potter League for Animals has to say about Baxter;

Are you looking to add some serious wiggle to your life? Bet you never thought you’d hear the words serious & wiggle used in the same sentence in your lifetime, but here we are. Nonetheless, meet Baxter – the wiggle machine! Baxter’s got the cutest lil ‘ole nubbin tail, too! When he starts his rump shimmy, it’s a pirouette party. Wow, where do we come up with this stuff?

Baxter’s adorable underbite shows off his other best asset, his teefers! We suspect he spends plenty of time flossing those chiclets, all the better to give you kisses with! Baxter is a 3-year-old, super affectionate, loves his people hard kind of dog. He enjoys kids and prefers to be the only dog in the home, although isn’t opposed to having some dog-walking friends in the neighborhood. If you love a twirly tush and some dazzling dentistry, you should definitely meet Baxter.
To learn more, visit, give us a call at 401-846-8276, or best yet, pay him a visit at our Animal Care & Adoption Center located at 87 Oliphant Lane in Middletown, RI.

If you’d like to meet Baxter, visit, fill out an Adopter profile, then stop by their Animal Care Center to meet him!

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