Results will begin to display after the polls close on November 08, 2022 at 8:00 PM. Updates will occur every 5-10 minutes as new data becomes available.

Unofficial results: Updated November 15, 2022 04:20 PM

7 of 7 polling places reporting (100%)

Town Council Town of Portsmouth

7 to elect

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Kevin M. Aguiar (DEM)Polling place: 2240Mail ballots: 523Early Voting: 133841019.8%
REP Keith E. Hamilton (REP)Polling place: 2526Mail ballots: 322Early Voting: 122040689.8%
DEM Daniela T. Abbott (DEM)Polling place: 2096Mail ballots: 526Early Voting: 130439269.4%
DEM J. Mark Ryan (DEM)Polling place: 2028Mail ballots: 511Early Voting: 129238319.2%
DEM Charles J. Levesque (DEM)Polling place: 2001Mail ballots: 502Early Voting: 129738009.1%
DEM Leonard B. Katzman (DEM)Polling place: 1912Mail ballots: 499Early Voting: 123436458.7%
REP David M. Gleason (REP)Polling place: 2245Mail ballots: 280Early Voting: 106435898.6%
DEM Juan Carlos Payero (DEM)Polling place: 1778Mail ballots: 425Early Voting: 109933027.9%
REP David G. Reise (REP)Polling place: 1982Mail ballots: 231Early Voting: 94031537.6%
REP Sharlene M. Patton (REP)Polling place: 2004Mail ballots: 227Early Voting: 91131427.5%
DEM Timothy E. Grissett (DEM)Polling place: 1591Mail ballots: 411Early Voting: 102330257.3%
Ind Michael DiPaola (Ind)Polling place: 1280Mail ballots: 145Early Voting: 55419794.7%
Write-inPolling place: 107Mail ballots: 10Early Voting: 311480.4%

School Committee Town of Portsmouth

4 to elect

CandidateBallot breakoutTotal votesPct
DEM Sondra A. Blank (DEM)Polling place: 2447Mail ballots: 532Early Voting: 1424440324.7%
DEM Isabelle Altman Kelly (DEM)Polling place: 2436Mail ballots: 525Early Voting: 1431439224.6%
DEM Frederick W. Faerber, III (DEM)Polling place: 2387Mail ballots: 542Early Voting: 1454438324.6%
DEM Emily Egginton Skeehan (DEM)Polling place: 2423Mail ballots: 530Early Voting: 1420437324.5%
Write-inPolling place: 193Mail ballots: 16Early Voting: 732821.6%

Data Source: Rhode Island Board of Elections

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