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It’s time we voted to merge into one vibrant Regional School District.  The state-of-the-art buildings and the new money from the State that are proposed should school regionalization pass are just that—BUILDINGS and MONEY. It is what we do with these resources that will determine the expanded and improved educational benefits that will be available to our students.

These new educational benefits will lead to the expansion and enhancement of course offerings and curriculum changes to: 

1) improve college preparatory and career technology pathways, 

2) better prepare 7th and 8th graders to select new and varied high school offerings (no matter where and in which buildings they are available), and 

3) enlarge and improve the Special Education and ELL (English Language Learning) programs to meet the growing needs of many students. 

Granted, some of you think it may not be the ideal way to begin a school regionalization program, but when will another opportunity present itself along with the added financial incentives?  

We must put trust in and support the new Transitional Advisory Team which will examine how best regionalization can work to benefit the students.  This team will consist of educators, parents, school administrators, and hopefully students from both communities with input from all who wish to contribute.  It must and can be a community effort.

Let’s not look back at what was or accept the status quo.  Rather, let’s examine together the present educational situation and build on what could be…to benefit the education of our students.  Let’s not wait another 10 years to do so. As a past member of the Middletown School Committee, parent and grandmother, I urge you to vote YES on school regionalization.

Nancy T. Héroux (Middletown)

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