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To the Editor:


I would like to give you my perception of the financial and educational benefits of School Regionalization between Newport and Middletown.


Both school systems, Middletown and Newport, are faced with a shrinking population.  Combining and optimizing resources makes fiscal sense.

Reduction of taxpayer obligations in the forseeablefuture.

Consider money that will be lost if school Regionalization is voted down.


Current test scores are abysmal at Rogers and nothing to write home about in Middletown.  Regionalizing resources will give students opportunities to participate in availability of additional AP classes, Expansion of Art and Music programs, STEM, Foreign Languagecourses and more.

As a Real Estate Agent on Aquidneck Island, I envision upgraded facilities and enhanced scholastic offerings that will attract more families moving into the area who would otherwise move to school districts off island.

Anna Anton


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