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While we may wonder at times what one man can do, we are given some very clear examples.  Take the global economic shutdown and pandemic response by the former administration.  Not asking, for public health reasons, for all Americans to observe social distance and vaccination led directly to the deaths of 250,000 Americans who could have been saved by vaccination, a terribly tragic result of one man’s dereliction of duty to keep the citizens safe.  

American families suffered the agonizing death of their parent, sibling, grandparents or other family members.  The reopening of the world’s economies and our citizen’s quick response to this in their increased spending led to this inflation and supply chain inadequacies that helped push prices for goods and gas up.  This is a global response to reopening the global marketplace.  It is not the result of one man’s policy.  

This Democratic administration has prodded the ports and the trucking industry to move faster and forego price gouging. The American Rescue plan helped families immensely with monetary support for rent, a child tax credit and other direct benefits to those who had been unable to work due to the pandemic. Then, looking to the future, the Biden administration signed into law the Infrastructure bill and will be working with Governors and Mayors to Implement the structures needed to grow our economy. Gun control and reproductive health for women have been codified.  This administration has done more for more people in America since FDR.  We need to support his agenda of putting families first and growing a green economy while enhancing our standing in the world by our meaningful engagement with our Allies.

These Midterm elections are pivotal.  We must choose those who serve from compassion and their moral compass.  Those who will continue to work on issues that encompass both growing a stronger, more resilient economy with entrepreneurial jobs that look to the future and bring priorities for families to the people.  The price of groceries and gas should not and cannot be the price of our freedom.  We must instead value and protect our human values.  

I believe that voting is the best way to realize Lincoln’s vision of a country built “ of the people, by the people and for the people.”

I will vote Democratic.

Margaret Baker, Newport resident

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