Louie Haha. Photo Credit: Potter League for Animals

Meet your new best friend, Louie Haha– this week’s Adoptable Dog of the Week!

The Potter League for Animals shares on their website that Louie Haha is a 8-year-old male Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix.

Louie Haha is considered a large-sized dog, weighing between 60-99 pounds.

Here’s what else Potter League for Animals has to say about Louie Haha;

There is just something special about this big, sweet goofball. He’s very large… When you see him, you may clap your hands, let out a whoop of excitement, or simply exclaim, “Ohhh myyyy…” Louie Haha is just that cool looking! And his personality? He’s a cuddlebug! This big guy loves to give sloppy kisses and hugs! Not only does Louie Haha love his people, but he loves to pal around with other dogs, too! Do you love to have everyone admire your dog, and stop to say hello? Kinda like the coolest kid in the class? Mr. Popularity? Well, that’s Louie Haha! He takes being cool to an entirely new level. Come on in and meet this big beefcake, you won’t be sorry!

If you’d like to meet Louie Haha, visit PotterLeague.org, fill out an Adopter profile, then stop by their Animal Care Center to meet him!

See all of Potter League for Animals’ current adoptable dogs, cats, and small animals at www.potterleague.org.