It’s all how you discuss the second quarter financial reporting to the Board of Elections, the final quarterly report before the general election.

For some, it’s the end balance they highlight, for others, it’s the total amount raised, and for others it’s about criticizing where opponents, or potential opponents’ funds are coming from.

Bottom line is that most candidates, most specifically Democrats, are in a good financial position for the stretch to the September primary.

Here’s a look at each of the candidates, with some salient notes. All information is from the candidates’ financial reports to the state Board of Elections.

  • Gov. Dan McKee, a Democrat, issued a press release that said he has a “massive cash advantage” over his opponents, roughly $500,000, and said that shows he’s gaining momentum (a poll has him trailing Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea). The governor is correct about cash balance, but that’s because he’s spent less than his rivals, often relying on his incumbency to gain public exposure. McKee’s financial report says his ending balance for the second quarter is $1,233,655, with expenses of $141,147. He raised $278,139 from individual donors and $7,600 from Political Action Committees during the second quarter, only slightly ahead of Gorbea.
  • Democrat Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea reported a fund balance of $786,020, and campaign expenses of $379,433. She rolled out a new television ad today. She raised $268,497 from individual donors during the quarter, and $1,005 from Political Action Committees. A poll released over the last few days has Gorbea leading McKee by about three points, with Helena Buonano Foulkes at about 14 percent.
  • Foulkes, also a Democrat, has been running television ads for several weeks. She  reported an ending balance of $692,290, and expenses of $1,356,090. According to the report she raised $550,807 during the quarter. She also reported loaning her campaign $100,000 in December and another $400,000 at the end of March.
  • Former Secretary of State Matt Brown, a progressive Democrat, reported a balance of $67,033 at the end of the second quarter, with expenses of $88,495. He reported raising $45,016 during the quarter.
  • Louis Daniel Munoz, another progressive Democrat, has a fund balance of $1,367, expenses of $1,783, and contributions from individuals of $1,190.
  • Republican gubernatorial candidate Ashley Kalus reported a fund balance of $1,091,873, and campaign expenses of $1,081,001. She reported raising $62,530 from individuals, and loans of $1,700,000 she made to the campaign during the second quarter ($500,000 on April 27, $200,000 on June 22 and $1 million on June 24). Previously, she reportedly loaned the campaign $500,000 on Feb. 11.
  • Two other gubernatorial candidates reported ending balances of what amounts to pocket change. Republican Jonathan J. Riccitelli reported a fund balance of $226, and Independent Zachary Baker Hurwitz reported a fund balance of $200.

Frank Prosnitz

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