MIDDLETOWN, R.I. (JULY 12, 2022) – The Second Beach parking lot is getting repaved this fall.

For a couple years, the town has wanted to resurface the large lot on Sachuest Point Road, but the work got pushed off due to other pressing priorities.

However, as part of the recently approved Fiscal 2023 budget, the Town Council okayed spending money on the work.

Town Operations & Facility Manager Will Cronin said the way the upcoming work is planned, it will not interfere with normal beach activities or functions that have been scheduled there.

Cronin said at least part of the main parking lot is expected to be open every day throughout the work by East Coast Construction. The project is also not expected to result in the loss of any parking spots.

By doing half the parking lot at a time, Cronin said the other half should remain open to visitors. The work should also eliminate low spots where water can pool during rainstorms.

“This is something we’ve been wanting to get to for a long time,” Cronin said. “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our beach experience and redoing the parking lot is an important part of that. It’s been decades since we last redid it and the time has come.”


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