Photo Credit: Newport Out

A bit of color has been added to Broadway.

A group of volunteers from Newport Out this morning painted the crosswalk between Parlor Newport and Equality Park.

The painting of the crosswalk was approved by the Newport City Council in May. It was designed to maintain traffic safety while celebrating the City’s LGBTQ+ community, according to social media posting from the City of Newport.

Organizers say that this is Rhode Island’s first rainbow crosswalk.

“We present Rhode Island & Newport’s first-ever permanent rainbow crosswalk installation intended to serve as a visual symbol of inclusivity and welcome in our city,” Newport Out wrote on social media on Tuesday. “We worked hard to get this installed ahead of Newport Pride this weekend, June 24, 25 & 26, and because WHY NOT have more colors on our streets! Especially ones representing the wonderful and vibrant LGBTQ+ community.”

Two additional rainbow crosswalk installations will follow in early July, also extending from Equality Park, according to Newport Out.

The 2022 Newport Pride Festival will take place June 24 – 26 throughout Newport. For a full schedule of events and more information, visit