Martin 16 start line action at the 20th anniversary Clagett Regatta credit Clagett Sailing-Andes Visual

Thirty-two sailors racing at the 20th Anniversary C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta had a three-hour delay for day two of racing while the race management team waited for the five knot South Westerly breeze to fill in on Narragansett Bay.

While the sailors waited for the postponement flag to be lowered, the four coaches utilized the time ashore to answer questions and share knowledge with the 2.4mR and Martin 16 sailors racing in Newport, R.I.

“Today the sailors learned a lesson in patience while waiting for the breeze to fill in.  Our exceptional coaches made the most of this opportunity to engage the sailors with more learning opportunities. Our National and Paralympic race management team kept an eye on the weather by sending scout boats out onto Narragansett Bay to see from where and when the wind would fill in.  Everyone in this organization is so dedicated to helping our sailors reach higher levels of ability including our amazing volunteers, both new and repeat, who are the backbone of our organization,” said Clagett President and Co- Founder Judy Clagett McLennan (Portsmouth, R.I).

Once racing got underway the 2.4mR class, who had four races on day one and were being led by Puerto Rico’s Julio Reguero, completed three races for the day.  Reguero maintained his overnight lead and created a nine point separation to second placed Tony Pocklington (Ft. Myers, FL).  Pocklington, who is an able bodied sailor racing in this fleet commented after racing today, “I don’t see the disabilities of my fellow sailors, I see the skill and athlete first and foremost.  I’ve been to at least a half dozen Clagett clinics and regattas in Newport and the growth of the organization over that time is impressive.  The outreach and word throughout the sailing community is spreading and I’m finding more and more people are aware of The Clagett and the work it does.”   

Currently the highest placed female sailor in the 2.4mR fleet is Canadian Boat Grant recipient Delani Hulme- Lawrence, who has traveled from Saint Paul, Alberta to race in Newport this week.  “The Clagett community grows each year and everyone is so friendly,  I get so much out of every aspect of the event.  The coaches are very informative and it’s a very welcoming environment which I enjoy returning to each year.  This clinic and regatta is the highlight of my year,” remarked Hulme-Lawrence. 

The Martin 16 class had all six boats out on the course after two had to withdraw from the first day of racing.  Overnight leader Carwile LeRoy (Fresno, CA) and his crew of Tannis Hall (Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada) had a fantastic three races taking the winner’s gun in all three.  “The first race of the day was a tactical one between us and Patrick (LoDuca).  We won the second race by accident after I ended up making the right choice for which side of the course to take.  In race three we hit the committee boat on the start line so ended up starting in last place and managed to work our way back through the fleet to win.  I guess the regatta is mine to lose tomorrow so I hope I don’t make any mistakes,” said LeRoy.

Currently placed in second place in the Martin 16 class is the combination of Patrick LoDuca from Chicago and local Newport sailor Jeff Long, with Nicolas Bryan-Brown (Boston, MA) and Albert Pierce (Waitsfield, VT) in third heading into the last day of racing.

At the awards ceremony tomorrow along with trophies for the 2.4mR and Martin 16 classes the following trophies will be awarded for the C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Trophy, the Susan B Johnson – Sportsmanship Award, the Larry Gadsby – Most Improved Award, the Nick Scandone – Spirit Award and the Robie Pierce and Gene Hinkle – Seamanship Award trophies and the inaugural Team Clagett will be announced.

For the final day of racing in the 20th Anniversary C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta the forecast is for a Southerly breeze of five to 11 knots. 

Provisional results day 2:


PosSail  Boat  SkipperHometown 1  2  3  4  5  6  7 Total
1  Pur 8    Julio Reguero   San Juan, San Juan  3  3  2  1  [12]  1  1  11  
2  USA 3  Edge  Tony Pocklington   Ft Myers, Fl  [9]  5  1  5  1  2  6  20  
3  CAN 22    Peter Eagar   Toronto, ON  4  2  6  2  6  [11]  2  22  
4  9  Magic Bus  Theodore Green   North Kingstown, RI  1  1  3  6  [13]  10  7  28  
5  CAN 14    Peter Wood   Ottawa, Select  2  9  5  7  [11]  3  3  29  
6  CAN 95  South Paw  Delani Hulme-Lawrence   Saint Paul, AB  6  4  4  [9]  4  4  8  30  
7  USA 142  2.4mR  Charles Rosenfield   Woodstock, CT  7  8  [9]  3  7  5  4  34  
8  USA21  Spirit  Matt Koblenzer   Fox Point, WI  5  6  [13]  10  5  7  5  38  
9  112  Black Seal v2.4  Andrew Parish   ST MICHAELS, MD  [10]  7  7  8  2  8  10  42T  
10  177  n/a  Chris Childers   San Francisco, CA  8  10  8  4  3  [15]  9  42T  
11  USA 152  Polaris  Shan McAdoo   Essex, MA  13/*  11  [21/DNF]  21/DNS  8  6  12  71  
12  CAN 85  La Vagabonde  Érick Poirier   Montréal, (QC)  11  12  16  12  9  12  [17]  72T  
13  186  YOLO  John Seepe   North Port, FL  12  13  11  13  10  [14]  13  72T  
14  42  The Answer  Janice Graham-Foscarini   Toronto, ON  13  [17]  15  11  15  13  11  78  
15  CAN 66  Pecking Order  Brian Peckover   Carleton Place, ON  15  18  10  [21/DNS]  14  9  14  80  
16  162  ScandEvan  Maureen McKinnon   Salem, MA  14  14  14  [21/DNS]  16  20  15  93  
17  178  tbd  Jim Thweatt   West Sacrame

Martin 16 

PosSail  Boat  SkipperHometown 1  2  3  4  5  6 Total
1  20  USA16  Edward LeRoy /
Tannis Hall  
Fresno, CA [2]  1  2  1  1  1  6  
2  16    Patrick LoDuca /
Jeff Long  
Chicago, IL  1  2  3/*  [5]  2  3  11  
3  48  Y-Not  Nicholas Bryan-Brown /
Albert Pierce  
Boston, MA  3  [7/DNC]  7/DNC  3  3  2  18  
4  50    Steve Edensen /
Steve Safford  
San Marcos, CA  5  3  3  4  [6]  5  20  
5  13  Y-Knot  J.R. Hardenburgh /
Dan Scher  
Dorchester, MA  4  [7/DNC]  7/DNC  2  4  4  21  
6  51  Timothy Brown  Timothy Brown /
Dana McKinnon-Tucker  
Boston, MA  [7/DNC]  7/DNC  7/DNC  6  5  6  31  

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