Clagett Boat Grant recipients racing in the 2.4mR class at the 20th Anniversary Clagett Regatta credit Clagett Sailing - Andes Visual.

Sailors competing at the 20th Anniversary C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta in Newport, R.I. were greeted with a fantastic day for the first day of racing.  A consistent South Westerly breeze in the 15 to 16 knots range with gusts up to 18 knots provided a picture perfect race course for the two classes racing.

Twenty sailors in the single handed 2.4mR class completed four races for the day and the results set the scene for an exciting day two tomorrow.  Leading the class after day one is Puerto Rico’s Julia Reguero, who has a two point separation from local sailor Ted Green (North Kingstown, R.I). Rounding out the top three places is Canadian and former class winner, Peter Eager (Toronto, ON).

“I had a consistent day today which improved over the four races once I got settled into my boat.  This is my second year at The Clagett racing in my boat which I received from the Clagett Boat Grant Program, which I am very thankful to The Clagett for and all the support they provide,” said Reguero after racing.

Peter Eager, who is also racing a boat he received from the Clagett Boat Grant Program spoke about his return to Clagett after a two year hiatus due to the pandemic.  “Coming back to The Clagett after the pandemic is great, the last time I was here racing in 2019 I won the class.  This is my first time racing my new boat from the Clagett Boat Grant Program which I believe is really impacting my results. I’m looking forward to more racing tomorrow.”

Close racing in the 2.4mR class at the 20th Anniversary Clagett Regatta credit Clagett Sailing -Andes Visual

In the Martin 16 class Newport local sailor Jeff Long, who sailed in the very first C. Thomas Clagett, Jr. Memorial Clinic and Regatta in Newport in 2003 with Sarah Everhart Skeels (Little Compton, R.I.) and Brian Skeels (Little Compton, R.I.)  in a Sonar is sailing with Partick LoDuca from Chicago for the first time in a Martin 16.  Long and LoDuca have sailed together as crew for a number of years but this is the first time with LoDuca as the skipper and Long as crew. 

Long spoke about sailing together, “Today was not what was forecast, it was super sporty on the race course.  This boat is a new learning curve for Patrick and I as we are both usually crew with another skipper.  Patrick did a great job today getting us in the right place on the start line.” 

Long and LoDuca are currently placed in second in the Martin 16 class after incurring a penalty after racing.  Leading the class is Carwile Le Roy (Fresno, CA) and his crew of Tannis Hall from Canada.  Rounding out the Martin 16 podium after day one is Steve Edensen and Steve Safford (San Marcos, CA).

Judy Clagett Mclennan, President and Co-Founder of Clagett Sailing remarked after day one, “I’m thrilled to see so many sailors back in Newport racing.  It’s wonderful that our Canadian sailors and volunteers are able to travel to Newport again after the borders reopened.  We are looking forward to more racing for both classes tomorrow.”

The forecast for day two is for a high of 82 degrees and a Southerly breeze of five to 10 knots.

Provisional results day 1:


PosSail  Boat  SkipperHometown 1  2  3  4 Total
1  Pur 8    Julio Reguero   San Juan, San Juan  3  3  2  1  9  
2  9  Magic Bus  Theodore Green   North Kingstown, RI  1  1  3  6  11  
3  CAN 22    Peter Eagar   Toronto, ON  4  2  6  2  14  
4  USA 3  Edge  Tony Pocklington   Ft Myers, Fl  9  5  1  5  20  
5  CAN 14    Peter Wood   Ottawa2  9  5  7  23T  
6  CAN 95  South Paw  Delani Hulme-Lawrence   Saint Paul, AB  6  4  4  9  23T  
7  USA 142  2.4mR  Charles Rosenfield   Woodstock, CT  7  8  9  3  27  
8  177  n/a  Chris Childers   San Francisco, CA  8  10  8  4  30  
9  112  Black Seal v2.4  Andrew Parish   ST MICHAELS, MD  10  7  7  8  32  
10  USA21  Spirit  Matt Koblenzer   Fox Point, WI  5  6  13  10  34  
11  186  YOLO  John Seepe   North Port, FL  12  13  11  13  49  
12  CAN 85  La Vagabonde  Érick Poirier   Montréal, (QC)  11  12  16  12  51  
13  42  The Answer  Janice Graham-Foscarini   Toronto, ON  13  17  15  11  56  
14  178  tbd  Jim Thweatt   West Sacramento, CA  17  19  12  15  63T  
15  162  ScandEvan  Maureen McKinnon   Salem, MA  14  14  14  21/DNS  63T  
16  179  To be determined  Wendy Frazier   Calgary, Alberta  16  16  17  14  63T  
17  CAN 66  Pecking Order  Brian Peckover   Carleton Place, ON  15  18  10  21/DNS  64  
18  USA 152  Polaris  Shan McAdoo   Essex, MA  13/*  11  21/DNF  21/DNS  66  
19  14  Georgiana  Dawn Hart   Temple Terr, FL  18  15  21/DNS  21/DNS  75  
20  USA 0  NA  Tyler Robertson   Carlsbad, CA  21/DNC  21/DNC  21/DNC  21/DNC  84  

Martin 16 
Boat  SkipperHometown 1  2  3 Total
1  USA16  Edward LeRoy /
Tannis Hall  
Fresno, Ca  2  1  1  4  

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