Bringing nature indoors and celebrating the importance of farming in the development of … BEER!!

That’s the goal of two California muralists who will be at Exeter’s Tilted Barn Brewery beginning Monday March 14 through Wednesday March 16. They will be painting a 200 square foot mural that they say will capture the essence of a brewery that’s touted by its owners as “Rhode Island’s original farm brewery.”

Phoebe Cornog and Roxy Prima, co-founders of the San Diego-based Pandr Design Co., have been painting murals for seven years “delivering hand-painted, custom murals strategically designed to bring brands to life.”

Tilted Barn Brewery

They’ve done that for major brands across America, including at several major league sports venues, including the San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Francisco Giants, and Minnesota Vikings … and lots of breweries.

And that’s what brought them to Exeter – not a major league sports team, but a brewery, and the muralists quest to paint at least one mural in each state in the United States.

It was at 27 states when they were hired to paint a mural in Connecticut, and decided they were so close to Rhode Island they would seek out a client.

“We researched Rhode Island breweries, and emailed the Tilted Barn,” Phoebe said.

It will be one mural, across three walls, Phoebe said. “It’s larger than life. You turn a corner and find something unexpected.” At the Tilted Barn the mural will “bring nature inside … no farms, no beer. There will be a bunch of animals, hops and flowers, a barn and farmland.”

Inside could be the key word, as Phoebe and Roxy leave a place noted for its great weather – San Diego – for New England, noted for its unpredictable weather. In Exeter, they will be painting inside. In Connecticut, it’s outside.

Phoebe and Roxy have built a nice business, grossing about $725,000 a year, in a growing industry that has evolved from 30,000 BC from what has been described by Muralform as “the earliest paintings in the Chauvet cave France” to a time in this country when murals adorned the sides of many buildings as an important form of advertising.

The goal of those companies is like those today to generate business and attract tourists, Phoebe and Roxy said.

In Westerly, five years ago, that town and neighboring Pawcatuck undertook a major mural project with a national mural organization hosting several muralists from across the country and overseas, who produced several murals across Westerly and Pawcatuck, representing important historical moments for the two communities.

As the industry expands, Phoebe and Roxy see their business expanding. They plan to hire more employees, sharing the physical work, and will continue to concentrate not only on painting, but education. They’ve written a book, Wonder Walls, “everything you need to know about painting a mural,” Pheobe said.

And they’ve become strong advocates for artists, concentrating on educating artists on the entrepreneurial aspects of their business to “get rid of the struggling artist stereotype.”

Meanwhile, at Kara and Matt Richardson’s Tilted Barn, they’ll begin their project tomorrow, at a brewery that’s been producing beer on the family farm for eight years.

“It’s been an incredible adventure and we’re so excited to share our passion with you all!” the Richardsons say on their website. “Our beginnings are rooted in farming but have grown to a place we never thought, 4 simple ingredients like water, grain, yeast, and hops, would ever take us.”

And you’ll find all those ingredients on the mural that Phoebe and Roxy will be painting at the Tilted Barn.

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