When Mayor Jeanne-Marie Napolitano joins WhatsUpNewp’s Thursday noontime videocast, we’ll explore all the questions you’ve sent to us, plus get her take on what appears to be renewed interest in merging Newport and Middletown Schools.

We’ll also want to know all about her recent trip to Newport’s sister city in Ireland, and how these relationships benefit both communities.

Among your concerns, you asked about parking, noise, speeding vehicles on local roads. You wanted to know about new regulations for short-term rentals, and we’d like to know how the city views a move to make it easier for individuals to add what had traditionally been called in-law apartments.

And, you wanted to know why city hall staffers were apparently not or slow to respond to messages from town residents.

We’ll also ask about the charter commission, and what proposed charter revisions will appear on the ballot. We’ll want to know about the budget, any possible tax or fee hikes, new developments, north end progress, and whether the town feels it will be hurt – or benefit – from high gas prices.

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