This entire war is Vladimir Putin’s fault. It’s not the fault of Ukraine. It’s not the fault of NATO. It’s not the fault of Bananarama. And it’s not the fault of President Joe Biden. Yet, conservatives keep trying to latch on to a way to blame President Biden, and they keep coming up empty.

The first reason they have that it’s Biden’s fault is that Biden is president. I mean, it’s nice they’re acknowledging he’s the legitimate president, but that’s not a reason to blame him. You hear the goons say this never happened while Trump was president, which is true. But what would have happened if Trump had won reelection would have been the destruction of NATO, a North Korean invasion of South Korea, and Putin going on a larger land grab in Europe than just in Ukraine. For god’s sake, Trump was lobbying to get Putin back into the G7, which Obama had him removed from. The reason Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while Trump was president is that he didn’t have to.

They also say this happened because Biden is weak and Putin only respects strength. But how exactly is Biden weak? It’s Biden’s leadership that’s organized 99 percent of the world to unify and sanction Putin, his cronies, and Russia. Biden has crippled Russia’s economy.

If Biden’s weak on Putin, then what the hell was Trump to Putin? Biden has been tough and has issued criticism on him repeatedly. Trump has NEVER said a bad word about Putin. In fact, when other people say bad things about Putin, Trump defends him. Trump defended Putin when Bill O’Reilly called him a “murderer.” Trump defended Putin when our government says he meddled in our election. While standing next to Putin, Trump took his side over American intelligence’s accusation that Putin tampered with our election. Right before this war began, Trump called Putin a “genius.” Trump has yet to say one bad thing about Putin since this war began nearly two weeks ago. Donald Trump even tried to give Vladimir Putin a free penthouse back in 2016.
The goons may be right in that Putin doesn’t respect weakness as he never respected Trump.

Some Republicans say Biden hasn’t done enough for Ukraine, yet Biden has increased military weaponry to that nation without ever holding it up in a quid-pro-quo for political dirt on an opponent. Unlike Donald Trump, President Biden has not extorted President Volodymyr Zelensky.

My question to the president’s critics is: What would you have done better? What would Trump have done better? What wrong move has Biden taken? You can’t point out anything that would improve this situation. Oh, you would ban Russian oil from being imported into the United States? Sure, and right after that, you’d blame President Biden for increased gas prices, which is actually an international problem.

When you claim Vladimir Putin would have behaved differently if Trump was in office at this time, how do you know? When did you become experts on Vladimir Putin? There are diplomats and foreign policy experts who’ve been studying Putin for decades who can’t tell you what he’s going to do next. Putin can’t tell you what Putin is going to do next. But I know what Trump would have done. Trump would give Putin everything he’s ever asked for.

Vladimir Putin is a liar. He’s not a man of his word. He doesn’t have any clue what he’s doing. He’s not even sure what his objective is. And after years of being accused of being savvy, smart, manipulative, and a genius, we’ve discovered over the span of less than two weeks that Vladimir Putin is a worse military strategist than Saddam Hussein.

Vladimir Putin is also a murderer and a war criminal. This is an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation. This war has killed thousands of innocent civilians, including children. He’s targetting civilians intentionally. He’s destroying Ukraine for his ego and to save face. And you want to blame someone else?

The blame here lies entirely on Vladimir Putin. Don’t you dare take that away from him.