The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) today issued a press release reminding motorists that the cost of a mailed toll invoice increases today, December 1, 2021.  

With all-electronic tolling at the Claiborne Pell Bridge, tolls collected through RITBA-issued E-ZPass transponders are charged at the published discounted rates. If a vehicle is not equipped with a valid transponder, the owner will receive a toll invoice in the mail for $3.00 per axle (i.e. $6.00 for a passenger vehicle) as of today. 

[RITBA completes transition to electronic-only tolling on Newport Pell Bridge]

RITBA says that it has seen an increase in new E-ZPass accounts in the months leading up to the transition to all-electronic tolling.  According to RITBA Executive Director Lori Caron Silveira, “more than 85% of our customers now use E-ZPass to pay their tolls.  We encourage all Rhode Island motorists to sign up for E-ZPass and get the benefit of the discounted rates.”   

The last cash toll was taken at 11 pm on October 28, 2021.

To register for an E-ZPass visit or visit the RITBA walk-in center or a local AAA office.