Lost Dog Street Band (Photo: Melissa Payne)

Dark country trio Lost Dog Street Band will perform at The Strand Ballroom & Theatre on January 26 in support of the upcoming album Glory, out January 21 on Anti-Corp Music. See ticket information HERE.

 sees the Nashville-based outfit going back to basics, channeling the band’s time spent riding the rails and busking to get by, swapping out the drums and pedal steel of their recent work for a stripped-down sound that leaves the band’s hallmarks at the forefront. Tackling reflection and redemption, the record is anchored by singer/songwriter/vocalist Benjamin Tod’s stirringly untreated vocals, cerebral lyrics, and his life partner/violinist/vocalist Ashley Mae’s emotive string stylings. 

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a band that truly embodies the DIY mentality more than Lost Dog Street Band. At 17, Todd and Mae left home to traverse the country and pursue music full-time, later adding bassist Jeff Loops. Now, they’ve released a handful of albums on their own independent record label fittingly called Anti-Corp Music, and they’ve built a passionate fanbase by making music about the life lessons learned along the way. And having come up in the punk scene during their youth, the idea of being authentic has long informed their material, but never more so than on the new album. 

A 10-song journey of addiction, regret, sobriety, hopefulness and, ultimately, resolve, Glory is not simply a record about getting sober – it’s a record about the omnipresent duality of life itself. A masterful storyteller, Tod covers all bases, singing about life’s trials and tribulations but also acknowledging the inherent happiness of being alive and in love. He pulls the listener in on tracks like “Until I Recoup (Glory I)”, a tale about seeking justice after it’s been unjustly taken away and gaining back your glory, a common theme throughout the aptly-titled record. Listen HERE.

Ahead of Glory‘s January release, Lost Dog Street Band is embarking on an extensive U.S. winter tour with support from Matt Hecker, The Resonant Rogues and Jason Dea West. If the album’s sparse but spirited sound is any indication of this tour’s live sets, these shows are sure to be both deeply affecting and emotionally rewarding.