Here’s this week’s Sour Grapes, enjoy!

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About Tim Jones / Sour Grapes

Tim Jones is the creator, artist and writer of the widely popular, self-syndicated comic strip, “SOUR GRAPES”; a comic about “Aesop”, a miserable flying dog and his odd friends, all living in a problematic and troubled world. Sour Grapes is currently published in multiple newspapers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, California and Texas
and is also available online.

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Tim grew up in Attleboro, Massachusetts and now lives in Smithfield, Rhode Island with his wife, and two daughters. He has been a freelance cartoonist for over 20 years. Tim is a member of the National Cartoonists Society and a member of ARIA (Association of Rhode Island Authors). He has created several Sour Grapes compilation and story-coloring books. Tim teaches cartooning and speaks at local schools and libraries. He also appears at various book signings, events and comic conventions.