A unique on-site pharmacy specializing in serving people with general medical and health concerns including mental illness, substance use disorder and other chronic, complex conditions held its grand opening within East Bay Community Action Program (EBCAP) in Newport on Thursday, joined by center leaders.

The new Genoa Healthcare pharmacy will help individuals receiving services at East Bay Community Action Program, which provides medical, dental, behavioral and social services to patients of all stages of life.

Research shows that when pharmacy services are integrated with health care providers, people are more likely to obtain their prescriptions and stay on their medication plans. Genoa’s specialized pharmacy services include using pre-filled pill organizers to help people stay on their medications, proactive outreach calls, help with prior authorizations and other hands-on pharmacy care.

This approach to pharmacy care helps patients stay on their medications at a rate of more than 90%, compared to about 50% with a traditional approach. A study published in a peer-reviewed journal found that this type of integrated pharmacy also reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations, which significantly reduces the total cost of care. 

“The opening of the Genoa Pharmacy at our Newport site highlights EBCAP’s commitment to provide integrated health services to our patients,” said Dennis Roy, president and CEO of East Bay Community Action Program.

East Bay Community Action Program and Genoa Healthcare leaders attended the event, which included a ribbon cutting with lunch following.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with EBCAP to ensure patients receive the best possible medication services,” said Megan Garrity, Genoa Healthcare’s director of operations for Rhode Island. “We are confident we will be able to help patients stay on their medication plans, leading to better health care outcomes.”

More information on Genoa Healthcare’s new pharmacy in East Bay Community Action Program can be found at https://www.ebcap.org/

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