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Clean Ocean Access on Thursday announced a search for a new Executive  Director and Ben Tuff is elected as the new President of the Board of Directors. 

In a press release, Clean Ocean Access says that it is prioritizing strategic planning, visionary leadership, and deep sustainability to address the emerging issues facing the local environment, and to increase their impact and presence in the Ocean State. 

As stated by Dave McLaughlin “COA was started by a group of wave riders in 2006 and I’ve had the privilege to serve our community as the first Executive Director to provide steadfast leadership and establish an  organization that brings people together, and delivers impact each day with respect, recognition and moral  integrity.” 

As Clean Ocean Access sets new goals within their strategic plan, Dave McLaughlin will focus his efforts on  executing the Clean Ocean Access mission and become the Program Director in 2022 after the Board of  Directors completes the search for and appoints a new Executive Director. As stated by newly elected President  of the Board of Directors, Ben Tuff, “Dave will be able to continue to grow our robust programs and build  relationships near and far and work alongside the new Executive Director to position the organization for long  term success.” 

Ben Tuff brings almost twenty years of nonprofit experience to Clean Ocean Access as a leader in the educational sector and as a passionate advocate for our environment. Ben and Dave began working together four years ago when they met at the Swim to Skim event in Newport. Since then, they have developed a keen understanding of the important steps ahead of the organization and raised nearly $200,000 through swim events around Jamestown and most recently from Block Island to Jamestown in August of this year.  

Clean Ocean Access is looking forward to adding to the team an Executive Director whose positivity,  objectivity, and passion will allow the organization to increase the transformative impact for the local environment and community and be the environmental stewardship role model for other coastal communities across the United States. 

About Clean Ocean Access 

Clean Ocean Access is a nonprofit organization with the vision of a clean, healthy ocean that is accessible to all.  Our founding programs of CLEAN, OCEAN, and ACCESS focus on eliminating marine debris, improving  water quality, and protecting and preserving shoreline access. Grounded by our values, Clean Ocean Access strives to achieve our vision through our mission to inspire and educate the community to take action through  environmentally responsible behaviors. For more information, please visit

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