When the British forces occupying Aquidneck Island were building Butts Hill Fort, local citizens were required to work two days a week on the construction or be fined for every day they missed. Now to help bring the Fort back to the public, the Butts Hill Fort Restoration Committee is asking for volunteers to continue the work started during the first volunteer clean up day on September 12.

Craig Clark, co-chair of the Committee commented: “We had a good turnout for our first attack on the vegetation that obscures the Fort, and we are hoping to see the same kind of enthusiasm on the 6th.”

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The next cleanup day will be on Saturday, 6 November from 8 a.m. to noon. The focus of this effort is to remove all the remaining debris from within the Fort to allow for mowing, so volunteers are asked to bring rakes and tarps. Further clearing will be done as time allows.

Parking will again be behind the tennis courts at Portsmouth High School where visitors will be checked in and asked to sign releases required by the Town.

Volunteers are asked to sign up with Seth Chiaro at seth.chiaro@gmail.com for further information and to receive the required releases.

Butts Hill Fort is an important, unique, and historic site, but to restore and preserve it, public support is critical. Volunteers are particularly appreciated by the Butts Hill Fort Committee, and we look forward to seeing you on November 6!