South County Distiller's Sugar Reef Canned Vodka Soda Cocktails

 South County Distillers (SCD) this week announced the launch of their summer line up of spirits and canned cocktails today. The sister company of Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island produces craft spirits from grain to glass at their campus in Westerly. This summer, consumers can enjoy the following offerings from South County Distillers: 

  • Spirits: Vodka, Gin, White Rum and Agave Spirit
  • Available for purchase in 750 ML bottles at retail locations in Rhode Island and at the Grey Sail Brewery.
  • Canned Cocktails: Sugar Reef Vodka Sodas
  • Flavors: Watermelon Lime, Dragon Fruit, Mango, Pineapple
  • 355ML, 5% alcohol by volume, 104 calories, 1.5g sugar
  • Available now for purchase at retail locations in Rhode Island, Southern Connecticut, and Massachusetts and at the Grey Sail Brewery.
  • Bourbon
  • Available for purchase in small batches later this summer at the Grey Sail Brewery. 
Distillery continues the Grey Sail tradition of quality, local craftsmanship 

“Summer in New England is finally here, and we are delighted to share our spirits, a true labor of love,” said Jennifer Brinton, co-owner of South County Distillers in a statement. “South County Distillers is unique in that we do everything on site – mashing the grains, fermentation and distilling right to your glass. We are excited to see South County spirits and canned cocktails become a staple at cook outs, parties and in bars and taverns across the region.”

SCD Vodka is made from a select blend of rye and wheat yielding an exceptionally smooth spirit that is dry and crisp with subtle spice notes. SCD Gin begins with select grains as a foundation culminating with the infusion of a secret blend of botanical yielding floral, spice and citrus notes with a classic juniper backbone. SCD White Rum begins with the finest grade of molasses, and a hot fermentation with Caribbean rum yeast creates fruity flavors that is smooth and buttery. SCD Agave Spirit is distilled from 100% blue agave making it a smooth sipper. 

“Ours spirits offer something for everyone – vodka, gin, white rum and an agave spirit,” said Ryan Gwozdz, Head Distiller in a statement. “Our gin is botanical forward rather than juniper for those who may have written off gin in the past. Our Sugar Reef canned vodka sodas are crisp, refreshing and are easy on the waistline with only 1.5 grams of sugar.”
South County Distillers planned production of their spirits in the winter of 2020, but when COVID-19 hit they quickly turned their production over to making hand sanitizer for front-line workers.

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