Providence, RI Granny Squibb’s Organic Iced Tea announces their partnership with Rhode Island Spirits’ (Rhodium brand), to create The Rhode Island Iced Tea, which will benefit Save The Bay in 2021. 

Granny Squibb’s, a Rhode Island ready-to-drink iced tea brand, is certified organic, gluten free, kosher, and non GMO. They’re also free of preservatives, additives, corn syrup, and added sodium, and their teas are bottled in sustainable glass and aluminum cans. 

The signature cocktail, The Rhode Island Iced Tea ™, is available for purchase at select restaurants and bars throughout Rhode Island. The partnership was born out of the success of the cocktail in the Rhodium tasting room, and was cemented by the shared values of the brands: both are women-owned, locally-owned, organic brands with a focus on community.

In line with this community focus, a portion of the proceeds of the cocktail will be donated to Save The Bay. “Our home is in Rhode Island and our heart is our community. It’s an honor to team up with another Rhode Island brand to create a cocktail that benefits Save The Bay,” said Kelley McShane, Managing Partner of Granny Squibb Company. “We’re the Ocean State; we cannot have a healthy state without a healthy bay, and we are very happy to support their work.”

Save The Bay’s power to effect positive change for Narragansett Bay and all who enjoy it lies in the strength of their membership and the volunteers and community members who support them in so many ways. “As a nonprofit organization, Save The Bay relies on the support of community members and partners who share our belief that Narragansett Bay and the waters that flow into it are worth protecting and improving,” said Save The Bay Executive Director, Jonathan Stone, “We’re garetful to have just such a partner in the Granny Squibb Company. Our longstanding partnership has spanned more than a decade, and, today, we’re proud to have a portion of the Charlie’s Cranberry proceeds directly support our advocacy, education and habitat restoration efforts.”

Granny Squibb Company and Rhode Island Spirits pride themselves on their values and community support. “We love local—and working with local women-owned businesses and creating a local cocktail is a great way to celebrate,” said Cathy Plourde Co-Owner of RI Spirits. “Tasty cranberry iced tea, bright lemon flavor from Rhodium Limoncello, and a smooth Rhodium Vodka makes it perfect for a sit back and relax kind of drink.”.As the two share overarching values, the launch of this partnership and the contribution to Save the Bay will be sure to make a positive impact on the community.

To purchase your Rhode Island Iced Tea, you can visit select locations throughout the state including:

Trinity Beer Garden

Eddie’s Coffee & Cocktail Bar

The Hot Club

The University Club

Cocktail Ingredients:

Granny Squibb’s Charlie’s Cranberry Iced Tea

RI Spirit’s Rhodium Vodka

RI Spirit’s Rhodium Limoncello

To Make at Home:

Visit package stores statewide

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