LUMUKU's original art Queen of Swords on view at the AS220 Project Space

Over 80 artists with deep connections to AS220 from all around the city, the country and the world have come together to reimagine one card each from the tarot to create the Murmurations Community Tarot Deck. Every card is a unique piece of art; together, they form a mesmerizing collection that supports the movement building work of AS220. 

Sales of the deck will help AS220 continue to provide all Rhode Island artists affordable access to AS220’s galleries, performance venues, educational opportunities, residential spaces, and work studios.

Click here to pre-order your deck now at the AS220 Art + Editions online shop. Pre-orders will be available until Wednesday, May 19th, 2021. Please allow up to one month for your deck to arrive after pre-orders have ended. 

Photos of each card in the deck can be viewed by clicking here! Special thanks to LUMUKU for his labor and love in bringing this project to fruition!

Murmurations isn’t just a deck of cards, though…it’s also a gallery exhibit! You can view the cards and the original works that they’re based on at the AS220 Project Space during the month of April. Gallery viewings are by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Email to schedule.

Click here to preorder your deck and learn more about this project and the artists who’ve contributed to it!

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