New York, NY – March 19, 2021: Today, Tom Jones has released a new single “One More Cup Of Coffee” from his forthcoming album Surrounded By Time. Having already shown glimpses of what’s to come with previous singles “Talking Reality Television Blues” and “No Hole In My Head”, the album sees Tom continuing a creative journey which shows little sign of slowing up, delivering a narrative that not only traces an incredible career but also reveals a universal relevance to a diverse contemporary audience. Surrounded By Time will be released on April 23 via BMG and is now available for pre-order.

Co-produced by Ethan Johns and Mark Woodward, Surrounded By Time marks out new territory with a sonic landscape of outstanding musicianship and a vocal delivery that re-imagines a diverse set of songs of personal importance that have impacted Jones throughout a long, unpredictable but undeniably impressive career. 

For an artist such as Sir Tom Jones, with over 100 million record sales to his name, certain milestones  loom  large  over  the  horizon – and  with  those  milestones  come  certain expectations. A few years ago, Tom’s record label raised the topic of his 80th birthday coming in June 2020. When you’ve enjoyed 36 Top 40 hits spanning five decades, a new Greatest Hits collection somewhat suggests itself. But after a period of upheaval which saw him come to terms with the loss of his wife Linda of 59 years, and time spent in the hospital with a bacterial infection, Tom’s instinct was not to reflect upon his legacy, but to further extend it.

“You know, I wasn’t so well a couple of years ago. When I came out of hospital, I saw the doctor and he said that, taking my age into account, it was time to slow down. Well, really, that was like a red rag to a bull.” 

Having recorded three acclaimed albums with producer Ethan Johns (Laura Marling, Paolo Nutini, Kings Of Leon, Ray Lamontagne), Tom was keen to continue what was already the longest musical association of his career. An avid record collector, there were songs he had set aside for decades, waiting to reach an age at which he would truly be able to do them justice. Here and elsewhere, perhaps the question that determined the shape and feel of Surrounded By Time was this: what if this were to be Tom Jones’ final album? “I hope I get to make several more,” he adds, “But at this point, you really have to make it count.”

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