opinion Newport Rhode Island

I applaud the three young ladies at Rogers High School who led the effort to place a Black Lives Matter logo on the floor of the Rogers gym. I also thank the principal and faculty who supported and approved the logo, and for maintaining an environment that allows the students to have a voice.  They recognize that giving the students the opportunity to express their points of view and think for themselves is an integral part of the educational process, to help them become productive citizens and our future leaders.

The placing of the logo is timely as it addresses a critical current issue.  Protests of an unprecedented scale took place around the world last year on the issue of Black Lives Matter.  February was Black History month.  Questions of racism are being raised.  These are worthy points of discussion within the high school classroom as well as in Newport itself, a very diverse city.   And, we should all listen to what the students are saying, encouraging us to engage in conversation on the subject of racial inequality, 

I am a Japanese American, a resident of Newport, and therefore feel compelled to be involved in the discussion.  Also, I have two grandchildren in the Newport School System, and expect them to thrive in a city that is open-minded and allows for open and civil exchange on issues of critical importance.

Thank you.

Ken Nomiyama, Newport