Pawtucket, RI – The moment Joanne was diagnosed, she told Linda that she had to write her story.

But Linda Skibski’s inspiring new memoir about her wife Joanne is much more than just a story about cancer. Told with a healthy amount of humor and gentle doses of realism, Forever, Joanne dives deeply into their journey of love, ovarian cancer, and unexpected transformation. 

The book masterfully alternates stories of diagnosis and treatment, interweaving intimate stories of their unique backgrounds and life together, achieving a perfect storytelling balance.

And it is also an expressive story of both despair and hope, as well as laughter and light, that carries the reader along an emotional yet comforting journey proving that death is certainly not the end.

“In a compelling and lyrical voice, Linda shares her journey with Joanne as a couple along with the physical and spiritual challenges of her cancer diagnosis, treatment and passing. It is a moving and inspiring journey that we are allowed to experience along with them. Joanne’s inspirational challenge is to be our ‘best selves’ with integrity and dedication. Like a conversation of the heart, Joanne’s clear voice speaks through Linda’s description just as her voice frequently resonates in the spiritual ears of all who love them both. Their story is a must-read!” —Steven Pennell, URI College of Education and Professional Studies

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go toward ovarian cancer research.

Linda L. Skibski is a retired Orientation and Mobility Specialist for the blind and visually impaired, having taught in Michigan and Rhode Island for thirty-seven years. Born and raised in Springfield, MA, she has a B.A. degree from Eastern University near the Philadelphia area and a specialized M.Ed. degree in Peripatology from Boston College, MA. While this is her first book, writing has always been a persistent avocation that now demands her time. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with two kitties who have trained her well.

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