Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District (ERICD)

April is Earth Month and Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District has many events planned to conserve our Earth!

2021 ERICD Earth Month Events:

Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District has shared the following press release about Earth Month.

The Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District (ERICD) is celebrating Earth Month by tackling climate change on multiple fronts. According to ERICD District Manager Sara Churgin, “One project won’t solve all of our problems in saving the Earth, but everyone pitching in in small ways will.”

To tackle climate change and promote a healthy environment for our community, ERICD is hosting a series of events to allow all of us to take small steps to ‘pitch in.’ ERICD Board Member, Jessica Freedman, said, “There are so many opportunities to get out there and help our community and our planet by simply planting a tree, picking up trash, or reusing items.”

Freedman has spearheaded the organization’s ‘Plogging’ event. She said, “Plogging is a combination of jogging while picking up trash. What better way is there to enjoy the outdoors while helping the Earth at the same time?” The Plogging event runs throughout the month of April and is fully physically-distant because you plog whenever and wherever you want. Online registration is now open. Prizes will be awarded based on various categories such as “Plog with Your Dog” and “Most Interesting Find.” ERICD is also partnering with Bike Newport for a Plike (picking up trash while biking) event on April 25.

ERICD is hosting its first Seedling Sale (after the inaugural event was cancelled last spring due to the pandemic). Native seedlings will be sold in bundles of five and are available for pre-order online with pickup at Greenvale Vineyards on April 24. “Incorporating more native plants into your home landscape helps attract pollinators that increase crop yields, as well as insect predators that reduce costs for pest management,” said Nancy Parker Wilson, ERICD Board of Directors and site host for the sale.

Do you have unused gardening tools at home? Donate them to the AgInnovation Farm – a volunteer, student-run farm in Portsmouth. This farm project sprouted up last year and is teaching local children about sustainable agriculture. Drop off gently used or new tools on April 22 or 24 at Greenvale Vineyards.

On another front, ERICD is hosting rain barrel workshops to preserve the health of Narragansett Bay. Churgin said, “A rain barrel catches water from your rooftop and stores it for you to water your garden. They conserve water, save you money, and reduce stormwater runoff.” Two rain barrel workshops are being offered, one in Middletown on April 24 and one in Bristol on May 1. The workshop provides all the materials and guidance to repurpose a fifty-gallon plastic drum into a rain barrel for your home.

Other ongoing events include the Tiverton Farmers Market and a partnership with the Donut Shack in Tiverton, which will donate a portion of every donut sold in April to ERICD.

For more information on all events, visit www.easternriconservation.org or search Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District on Facebook. To be added to ERICD’s email list or for questions about events, contact schurgin.ericd@gmail.com