With sawdust dancing in the air to the high-pitched whine of the two-stroke chainsaw as the faint smells of burning pine mixed with gasoline, Taylor Olson literally carves out an artistic niche along the side of the road in the rural village of Carolina.

The sheer volume of work he has been able to turn out in the last few months of the pandemic is a testament to his creativity, and quite possibly his natural surroundings; as most of his work takes the form of local fauna, both from the woods and the ocean. However, as the photos show, he has an artist’s imagination.

For the most part, Taylor tells me he prefers to work with pine or spruce as his canvas, and he uses several different sizes and brands of chainsaws to sculpt the wood down into the shapes he envisions. From there, for the fine cuts, he uses a Dremel tool. When finished sculpting, he will then take the time to paint many of his pieces to make them as realistic as possible.

And while most of his creations are on display outside his home/shop on Carolina Back Road, he is available for commissioned pieces. He was off to complete one in Warren after he finished speaking with me, a large bear, this one sculpted out of ash. The artist told me that he enjoyed this piece because it was a departure from his usual medium, allowing him the chance to apply a burn rather than paint it. It was obvious talking to him that he enjoyed his art, making him truly a “Renaissance Man.”

When in Charlestown, you can’t miss his spot just a few yards south of the intersection of routes 112 and 91. To reach Olsen, text him at 401-284-8769.