Wondering how much snow fell in your neighborhood? The National Weather Service has a list of unofficial observations that were taken during the past twenty-four hours from weather spotters and media reports.

Note - there were no snow total recorded in Newport County by National Weather Service observers. We'll keep updating this list as more updates come in.

...Bristol County...
  Warren                  5.5   804 PM  2/01  Trained Spotter

...Kent County...
  West Greenwich         11.0   859 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  Coventry                9.3  1041 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  Greene                  8.0   800 PM  2/01  Trained Spotter
  West Warwick            7.0  1102 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  TF Green AP             3.4  1200 AM  2/02  TF Green Airport

...Providence County...
  Chepachet              13.0  1050 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  North Foster           12.3   855 AM  2/02  CO OP observer
  BURRILLVILLE           10.0   651 AM  2/02  General Public
  Burrillville            9.0   918 PM  2/01  General Public
  Glocester               7.5   737 AM  2/02  Trained Spotter
  Providence              7.0  1148 PM  2/01  Law Enforcement
  North Smithfield        6.2   831 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  Cumberland              5.8  1155 PM  2/01  NWS Employee
  North Providence        5.5   651 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  Rumford                 3.0  1133 PM  2/01  Emergency Manager
  north providence        2.5   809 PM  2/01  General Public
  Scituate                2.3   250 PM  2/01  Public
  Pawtucket               2.0   924 AM  2/02  General Public

...Washington County...
  Richmond               12.0   927 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  Westerly                7.5   735 AM  2/02  Ham Radio
  Charlestown             6.0   400 PM  2/01  Ham Radio
  South Kingstown         5.4   800 PM  2/01  Trained Spotter
  North Kingstown         3.1  1204 PM  2/01  Public

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