In response to the events which unfolded last week, the Newport Democratic City Committee expresses its support for the leadership of our Congressman, the Honorable David N. Cicilline, to hold President Trump accountable for his role in inciting the mob attack on our nation’s Capitol and the legitimate Constitutional process underway there on January 6th.

The images were shocking to those who respect our Constitutional democracy and the rule of law.  The desecration of the house where our duly elected representatives meet to deliberate and legislate was saddening, heartbreaking, and the cause of legitimate outrage.  The loss of life was tragic.  

The President, and each person involved with this seditious attack on our democracy, must be held responsible.  The President must face consequences for his role in encouraging the extreme far-right agitators who attacked last Wednesday, as well as for his speech that day and his subsequent expression of support for these domestic terrorists and their actions.  

Congressman Cicilline has taken the lead since Wednesday, first in calling for the invocation of the procedure defined in the 25th Amendment, and today, with no response from the Republican administration, in introducing articles of impeachment.  Congressman Cicilline recognizes the importance of our democratic form of government and the attendant need to take decisive action against this lawless and dangerous President.  We are proud of you, Congressman.  You have our support. 

Newport Democratic City Committee

Susan D. Taylor, Chair

J. Clement Cicilline, outgoing Chair