With a founding Board of Directors that includes Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Jackson Browne and Martin Scorsese, TeachRock was an non-profit organization with strong credentials from the get-go.

The organization’s mission is “to empower teachers and engage students by using popular music to create interdisciplinary, culturally responsive education materials for 21st century classrooms.” The web site provides lesson plans and other resources for teachers and students to use free of charge. Lessons are designed thematically around topics like “The Music That Shaped America,” “Math With the Beatles,” and “Women’s Perspectives in Country Music.”

Classroom teachers are at the center of TeachRock’s mission. Founder Steven Van Zandt believes “Teachers are the plainclothes superheroes in our midst. They deserve to be heard and celebrated.”

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The Stand With Teachers event features Eddie Vedder who will appear with Stephanie Arnell, the 2020 TeachRock Star Teacher award recipient, along with several other teachers, administrators and students. Also appearing – Margo Price, Steve Buscemi, Bobby Cannavale, Whoopi Goldberg, Melle Mel, Tom Morello, Edward Norton, Vincent Pastore, Maureen Van Zandt and Trønd Fausa Aurvåg and Steinar Sagen of Lilyhammer.

Educators are invited to create short videos for the program – Film a short video in which you tell us:

• Your name
• Where you’re from
• Where you teach
• Why you #StandWithTeachers or believe others should stand with you and your colleagues

When you post your video to your social media account, make sure to include the following text:

• Twitter & Facebook – Join @StevieVanZandt @TeachRock & me to #StandWithTeachers 12/21 bit.ly/33VHVLd
• Instagram – Join @StevieVanZandt @Teachrockorg & me to #StandWithTeachers 12/21 bit.ly/33VHVLd
• TikTok – Join @LittleStevensTeachRock & me to #StandWithTeachers 12/21 bit.ly/33VHVLd
• LinkedIn – Join @Rockandrollforeverfoundation & me to #StandWithTeachers 12/21 bit.ly/33VHVLd

YouTube video

 For more on TeachRock, visit the web site here.