Representative Deborah Ruggiero (D-Dist. 74, Jamestown, Middletown)

By Rep. Deborah Ruggiero – Jamestown/Middletown

This is important information if you or someone you know owns a small business. 

Our small business owners are coming into the most difficult months that we’ve yet to see during this pandemic – December, January and February.  

That’s why the Rhode Island Society of CPAs has partnered with RI Commerce Corporation to provide FREE online technical, legal, and training services next week  —Monday, Dec. 14, through Friday, Dec. 18, for COVID-impacted businesses (which is everyone!)

How does a small business know how to navigate the application process? How do you rebuild your credit post-COVID? How does a business diversify, reposition and adapt? 

If you are a small business owner or know someone, share this information for FREE training and assistance for COVID-impacted businesses. These are just a few of the free online training sessions:

► Building Your Credit for Business Owners post-COVID

► Applying for Grants- Financial Guidance

► Legal Compliance- Re-Opening Policies

For information you can email  or visit and register online:

Rhode Island needs to run it hot – provide more grants, advice and financial resources to help small business keep the lights on, the chefs cooking, the doors open and the designers working.

When government puts money into the hands of the consumer or a small business owner, it gets spent. It gets reinvested into the local economy. When you buy something, you keep someone else employed.

If you’re a business owner, take advantage of these FREE online training programs so you can stay in business during and post-COVID. Customized support is also available.

Together, we’ll get back to business!

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