There is a good chance that at least half of you reading this have already voted and for that, I’d like to say thank you. We are facing a very important election on Tuesday, Nov. 3 rd both nationally and locally.

We here in Newport are facing the decision of who do we want to lead us for the next two years in making the difficult decisions that could possibly affect us for two decades. The most important being Question #2 – the school bond of which I fully support. The passing of this bond will allow Newport to give our students and educators a modern, 21 st Century foundation that will be beneficial to improving our educational system.

The real question for those of you who have yet to vote is – who do you want to represent the 2 nd Ward on the city council?

As a lifelong Newport resident I may not have “chosen” to be born here but I did choose to make Newport my home. I think it is important to have a councilor that knows the 2 nd Ward as a whole and not just a small part of it.

We need a representative that relates to the diverse sector the ward encompasses, from the residents of all ages and demographic backgrounds to the varying businesses, whether in the restaurant/hospitality sector or the small, self-employed workers. We need someone everyone can relate to, someone we can trust to have the best interests of the ward as a whole and not just a particular interest group.

Now more than ever Newport needs proven leadership and an understanding of our diverse population.