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Dear Editor,

Just a quick shout out to my fellow Middletowners.  If you haven’t voted yet, the early-in-person- voting at Middletown Town Hall couldn’t be easier!  I literally had NO wait in line at 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon. So please, stop by Middletown Town Hall on East Main Road this week (8 am til 4pm) for a pleasant in-person, well-run socially-distanced voting experience.

I urge you to cast your vote for the future of democracy in our great nation, for the preservation of Middletown’s cherished open space which defines the character and spirit of our beautiful town (YES” for the Open Space Bond, Question #2) and for some fresh new voices and perspectives on Middletown Town Council like Tom Welch and Jim Miller. 

Let’s all work together to shape a positive future for our community and nation. 

Liz DraytonMiddletown, RI