opinion Newport Rhode Island

No, I am not General Mike Flynn. But I would like to tell you who I am. I am a thirty-year Newporter/Middletowner who is the husband of one of the most caring, considerate, earnest, hardworking and loving people I know. Father of three great kids, two of whom graduated from  Middletown public schools, and a Scout Leader in our community for 20 years. I am the husband of a woman who ran for town council because she did not like what she saw in the town’s administration. Someone who has the guts to go every month to a meeting where she is bullied, talked down to and minimized by a majority of the council. I am the husband of Terri Flynn and I hope every one of you who read Bob Sylvia’s vicious and unprovoked attack on Terri in the Newport Daily News on Sept 12 sees it for what it was. A desperate attempt by a frightened councilor to save his seat by disparaging a great woman who continues to serve Middletown at the highest level in spite of the constant belittling and condescension by the bully who is the current town council president. Watch some of the YouTube Council Meetings. You will see what I mean. I personally hope he is not on the town council for much longer. 

Mike “NOT General Mike” Flynn