To the Editor: 

I don’t know anyone who works harder or smarter for the good of Newport than Beth Cullen. She has a depth of understanding and tradition from being a multi-generational Newporter and a tenacious, intelligent, forward thinking approach to problem solving. The times we are living in are probably the most challenging most of us have seen. The same old way of doing things is not going to be good enough to bring Newport, bring our children, our environment, and our economy through this. Newport needs someone with the qualities Beth possesses. 

When I was first elected to the City Council in 1985, Newport was on the move and many things were churning toward change. There certainly has been change – much of it for the better but there are many deep-seated problems that remain stubbornly in place and quite a few new problems that have evolved with time. Is Newport headed in a direction that will deliver a future that you will be happy and proud to call home for you and your family? That is Beth’s goal. 

Beth and I worked on dozens of plans and projects over the years. It was enormously creative and challenging to tackle issues of growth and expression of the values that Newporters held. She always had a broad perspective of how issues were interrelated and how to help move the needle toward improvement. Put her knowledge and experience to work for you. 

Several years ago, family concerns caused me to move to northeastern Connecticut. It is quieter, and the political issues are less complicated but I miss Newport’s vibrancy. I will also miss not being able to vote for Elizabeth Evans Cullen. I sincerely hope that you will consider voting for Beth, to bring her talents to the Newport Council At-Large. 

Laurice Shaw