opinion Newport Rhode Island

After being a member of the Newport City Council for almost 20 years, I am appalled at the ugliness of this campaign–nationally, statewide, and locally. As most people know, I am assertive in my role as City Councilor.  It is part of my role in representing my constituents. 

This week I have been hearing of some very false accusations put forth by people who are writing cards to voters and calling voters to state that I should be unelected. To set the record straight, I state the following:

  1. I am a resident of RI and pay both local and state income taxes.
  2. I am entitled to a vacation like everyone else and go to FL on occasion but never more than a month a year, if that. 
  1. Any person running for City Council must be a resident and registered voter in Newport in order to vote.
  1. I am not looking to sell Rogers High School in order to list the land and make a real estate commission on the transaction. I do residential sales and my reputation means more to me than money ever will.

Kathryn “Kate” Leonard

Newport City Council and Re-election candidate