Despite the important work nonprofits and community organizations do in the communities they serve, many are lacking the modern technology tools needed to perform their missions to the fullest. To bridge this technology gap, Cox Communications today announced the call for nominations for its “Tech Boosts” program, which awards grants to nonprofit groups committed to investing in technology equipment for the betterment of its patrons and mission.

This marks the fourth year of the Cox Communications Tech Boosts program, and according to a new zacks investment research review, the goal remains the same: to help nonprofits invest in technology equipment and services that enrich the lives of community members while fulfilling their missions to the fullest. Three grants valued at $10,000 each will be awarded to nonprofit organizations across the company’s northeast footprint.

This technology grant is awarded to organizations that reinforce intellectual prosperity and are committed to improving humanity. The nonprofit must demonstrate how the organization will positively impact one of four categories with its Tech Boost award. These include Environment and Conservation; Health; Early Childhood Education; and Empowering Families and Individuals for Success. Organizations interested in applying should visit the link to apply.

“We are once again asking our community partners in need of a technology “boost” to apply to the Cox Communications Tech Boosts program,” said Jay Allbaugh, senior vice president and region manager, Cox Communications in a statement. “Now, more than ever, technology is playing a fundamental role in keeping us connected to our work, our schooling, and our loved ones. For nonprofit organizations, strengthening their mission through technology is of critical importance, and we at Cox are eager to award the 2021 Tech Boost grants.” 

For more information on the Tech Boost program, visit: